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This module contains functionality to download PEP725 data using phenor as client.

PEP725 is the Pan-European Phenology network (

Requires phenor R package. Install with


Requires ~/.config/springtime/pep725_credentials.txt file with your PEP725 credentials. Email adress on first line, password on second line.


from springtime.datasets.pep725 import PEP725Phenor
dataset = PEP725Phenor(species='Syringa vulgaris', years=[2000, 2000])
df = dataset.load()

# or with filters
dataset = PEP725Phenor(
    species='Syringa vulgaris',
    years=[2000, 2000],
    area={'name':'some', 'bbox':(4, 45, 8, 50)}


Bases: Dataset

Download and load data from PEP725.


Name Type Description
species str

Full species name, see for options.

credential_file Path

Path to PEP725 credentials file. Email adress on first line, password on second line.

phenophase int | None

Phenological development stage according to BBCH scale. See for options. Default is 60: 'Beginning of flowering'.

include_cols List[str] | Literal['all']

which columns to include in the final dataframe

area NamedArea | None

bounding box for filtering observations

years YearRange | None

year range for filtering observations


Print out a recipe to reproduce this dataset.


Download the data.


Load the dataset from disk into memory.